NJAIM: Highlights of Weeks 17 & 18

NJAIM attended 2 on-street events – reaching more than 500 people – during the second half of September.  Ambassadors also participated in a bike rodeo, road safety audit, and Complete Streets-themed meetings with representatives from Atlantic County, Bergen County, Camden County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Ocean County, Passaic County, and Union County.


Ambassador Andrew Bomberger distributes safety literature in Maplewood.

On-Street Outreach 

1.  Rahway Train Station, Rahway

Ambassadors distributed bicycle and pedestrian safety pamphlets to 200 people in the pedestrian plaza at the entrance of the Rahway Train Station.  We encountered a high number of train commuters, which seemed to come in waves as each train arrived.

2.  Highland Place and Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood

Ambassadors distributed bicycle and pedestrian safety literature to 300 people at this busy intersection in the center of town, encountering an extremely high number of school children who enthusiastically accepted and read the literature.


Ambassador Cailean Carr helps at the helmet fitting station at the Trenton Bike Rodeo.

Events Outreach

Trenton Bike Rodeo

The New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids, the YMCA of Trenton, and Greater Mercer TMA held a free bike rodeo in Trenton.  The event promoted bicycle safety, including on-bicycle safety training for children, free bicycle mechanic labor, and free helmets to the public.  A total of 35 cyclists participated in the Bike Rodeo, displaying a wide range of bicycle skill level.  The ambassadors volunteered at stations promoting bicycle safety, including helmet fitting, ABC quick check, and bicycle maintenance.


Governmental and Technical Assistance

Road Safety Audit

The Transportation Safety Resource Center of the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation partnered with Hudson County Division of Engineering and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority to conduct a road safety audit in Jersey City. The road safety audit surveyed Route 501 (John F. Kennedy Boulevard West) from CR 612 (Communipaw Avenue) to Montgomery Street, a section in the vicinity of St. Peter’s University and Lincoln Park. Attendees, including representatives from NJAIM, NJDOT, Hudson County, and Jersey City, among others, examined crash data on the study area and conducted a field review to identify safety issues and inexpensive solutions which can be implemented in the short term.

Complete Streets Informational Meetings and Presentations

NJAIM held meetings with health representatives from Atlantic County, Bergen County, Camden County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Ocean County, Passaic County, and Union County.  In short, these presentations helped health officers better understand the concept of Complete Streets and how improved streets can encourage healthier living by providing more opportunities for physical activity.


Up Next…

Over the next two weeks, NJAIM will be conducting on-street outreach and attending the New Brunswick Ciclovia as well as visiting with Chronic Disease Coordinators in several counties. Check in with us in two weeks to find out what the ambassadors accomplished!